Exclusive at the Lansdowne - It's Your film
The Lansdowne – Its your film
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It’s Your Film is a four and a half minute long performance staged for an audience of one. Viewers are seated in a passport photo style booth, with the show unfolding through a letterbox-sized aperture.

Taking its inspiration from film noir, the performance uses the cinematic language of long shots, close ups, exteriors, interiors, cuts and dissolves to hint at a story of lost love and detection, set in Birmingham.

Created and performed by Stan’s Cafe, this special set of performances celebrates the coming of age of the show that first put this Birmingham-based experimental theatre company on the map. Made and first performed 21 years ago, It’s Your Film has since been performed over 4,500 times across the UK and around the world.

Each performance of It’s Your Film is for you alone and lasts four and a half minutes. You are then invited to watch a second performance from backstage, where you will get a chance to see how the magic is done.

It’s Your Film was hosted at The Lansdowne, 25 Hagley Road, B16 8FU.

In order to aid the smooth running of this unusual event we bundled performances into a series of slots. We asked people to arrive a little before the start of their slot and offered them a comfortable place to wait in the stylish Cultural Mixer of The Lansdowne, where they were offered delicious brownies, pastries and proteine balls freshly supplied by Boston Tea Party Edgbaston.

Tickets were free, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Way of Life, property manager of The Lansdowne. Guests were invited to make a voluntary donation to the Ladywood Project, a local charity helping to tackle child poverty.

Stans Cafe

Ladywood Project